Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-284

BETSI, a new test bench for ion sources optimization at CEA SACLAY
O. Tuske, G. Adroit, O. Delferrière, D. De Menezes, Y. Gauthier, R. Gobin, and F. Harrault
In the framework of several International HPPA projects such as IFMIF, IPHI, and Spiral2 the CEA handles the design and the developments of several electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion sources. For the IFMIF EVEDA demonstrator, a 140 mA cw extracted deuteron beam will be required for high yield of neutron production. For radioactive ion production in the Spiral2 project, several milliamperes of deuterons will be delivered with a permanent magnet source. The optimization of the beam quality at the entrance of the radio frequency quadropole (RFQ) accelerator system triggered the need of a new test bench for ion source optimization and beam qualification. The BETSI ion source test bench will operate up to 50 kV and ignite cw or pulsed hydrogen plasma with a 2.45 GHz magnetron. Great care has already been taken to design electrostatic optics of the extraction system to minimize the emittance growth. Plasma diagnostics will be inserted in the source chamber and several beam diagnostics emittance and current measurements, beam species analysis will also be implemented on the low energy beam line transport LEBT. These diagnostics allow the simultaneous analysis of the beam quality with the plasma parameters of the source. Regional funding request will also be needed to improve the LEBT for space charge compensation measurements. The design of the present and upgraded test bench will be reported as well as the first extracted beam analysis.  2008 American Institute of
Physics. DOI: 10.1063/1.2805625


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