Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-04-213

Performance improvement of the multicell cavity prototype for proton Linac projects
B. Visentin, J.P.Charrier, G. Devanz, Y. Gasser, .P. Poupeau, D. Braud, P. Sahuquet, B. Coadou, CEA-Saclay H. Saugnac, H. Gassot, S. Bousson, Ph. Szott IPN-Orsay
The CEA-Saclay / IPN-Orsay collaboration allowed to manufacture a multicell superconducting RF cavity prototype for proton linac. Since the first experimental results [1], obtained in a vertical cryostat and the horizontal cryostat CryHoLab, the accelerating field Eacc has been recently increased up to 19 MV/m with a quality factor Q0 = 9.109 and a limitation by quench. 
However some improvements are still needed, in particular to suppress the field emission above 16 MV/m.


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