Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-174

Initial tests of Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD)coatings for superconducting RF Systems
M. J. Pellin, J. W. Elam, J. Norem, C. Antoine, L. Cooley, Th. Proslier, J. Zasadzinski, R. Rimmer, J. F. Moore
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a technique for synthesizing materials 
in single atomic layers[1].  We are studying ALD as a method for producing 
highly controlled surfaces for superconducting RF (SCRF) systems. We have 
begun tests of ALD coatings of single cells that will involve RF measurements 
of a cell before and after ALD coating at Argonne.  In addition to the tests on 
complete cells, we are also beginning a program of point contact tunneling 
measurements to determine the properties of the superconductors at the 
interface between the bulk niobium and the oxide layer.  Herein we describe 
the method, and ongoing initial tests with single cell resonators and small samples.


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