Résumé du preprint Irfu-09-183

Buffered electropolishing---a new way for achieving extremely smooth surface finish on Nb SRF cavities to be used in particle accelerators.
Wu A.T. et al (F. Eozénou)
A new surface treatment technique for niobium (Nb) Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) cavities called Buffered Electropolishing (BEP) has been developed at JLab. It was found that BEP could produce the smoothest surface finish on Nb samples ever reported in the literature. Experimental results revealed that the Nb removal rate of BEP could reach as high as 4.09 μm/min. This is significantly faster, than that of the conventional electropolishing technique employing an acid mixture of HF and H2SO4. An investigation is underway to determine the optimum values for all relevant BEP parameters so that the high quality of surface finish achieved on samples can be realized within the geometry of an elliptical RF cavity. Toward this end, single cell Nb cavities are being electropolished with BEP electrolyte at both CEA-Saclay and JLAB. These cavities will be RF tested and the results will be reported through this presentation.