Résumé du preprint Irfu-09-573

Progress on an innovative insulation technique for Nb3Sn wind & react coils (The Korean Institute of applied superconductivity and cryogenics )
F.Rondeaux, L.Quettier, J.M.Rey
As an alternative to the conventional insulation technique for Nb3Sn Wind & React coil, we have developed an innovative one-step insulation technique that directly deposits a ceramic coating on the surface of unreacted Nb3Sn conductor. A demonstration coil of about 400 turns in 21 layers was designed, built, and tested. It produced a central magnetic field of 5.63 T at 590 A. It was also tested in different levels of a background magnetic field: even after repeated quenches of the coil, the ceramic insulation showed no sign of failure, electrical or mechanical, validating the mechanical cohesion of this insulation.