ESNT workshop on Machine Learning - March 30-April 3  
DPhN Orme b703 room 45

On behalf of the "Espace de Structure et de réactions Nucléaires Théorique" (ESNT),  the workshop entitled: 

"Can an Artificial Intelligence do Science?" will be held from March 30th till Friday 3rd April at CEA-Saclay, Orme-les-Merisiers site, DPhN Building 703 room 45.

See the ESNT web pages for information and for the updated program: >> Ateliers 2020

The organizers are: R.-D. Lasseri (CEA, ESNT, contact), D. Regnier (CEA DAM); J.-P. Ebran (CEA/DAM), G. Hupin (IPNO).   

For further information and registration, please contact the local ESNT organizer of this workshop. 

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