A new analysis of old Saclay data reveals a breaking of axial symmetry in many nuclei
Eckart Grosse - TU Dresden
Mardi 14/11/2017, 11h00-12h00
Bat 703, p 135 salle visio-conférence, CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

Initiated by by increasing indications of the breaking of axial  symmetry seen in the spectroscopy of heavy nuclei the question arose,  if the interpretation of other experimental observables will be  influenced. To define the collective enhancement of level densities above the Fermi gas prediction the nuclear deformation plays an  important role. The talk will demonstrate respective considerations  with respect to recent experiments.

The second subject to be covered relates to the seminal experiments  performed at Saclay on the study of IVGDR's by quasi-monochromatic  photons via neutron emission. Both of the important results from the  anlysis of these data, the spreading width and the agreement to the  TRK sum rule, are influenced by the underlying assumption on the  nuclear shape. This point will be discussed together with theoretical  work on these topics. Finally, a combination of the new level density  formalism to the IVGDR-tail will be shown to allow a prediction of  Maxwellian averaged neutron capture of interest for nuclear  astrophysics.

Contact : Anna CORSI


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