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Titre Niveau d'étude Spécialité Candidature avant Durée Service
Contribution to the design and implementation of an embedded data acquisition system for SIRIUS Bac+5

Électronique embarquée

Numerical design, VHDL simulation

15-09-2018 6 mois IRFU/DEDIP/STREAM
Study of the influence of the amplification gap on the performances of Micromegas detectors Bac+5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

01-08-2018 3 mois IRFU/DEDIP/DEPHYS

Mécnique générale

02-08-2018 3 mois IRFU/DEDIP/LEMID
Study and characterization of silicon-based hybrid integrated circuits for the Muon Forward Tracker of the ALICE experiment at CERN-LHC Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

Micro-electronics circuits assembly techniques, data acquisition and analysis, Montecarlo simulation

27-07-2018 4 mois IRFU/DPhN/LQGP
Nuclear shape and fission fragment population Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Experimental data come from a gamma-ray spectrometer made of a large array of HPGe detectors around a fissile target placed at the end of a cold neutron guide. The analytical tool that will be used is triple coincidence gamma-ray spectroscopy.

30-06-2018 4 mois IRFU/DPhN/LEARN
Atomic number determination of ions from their energy loss profile measurement Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

Numerical Filtering, Monte-Carlo simulation

29-06-2018 4 mois IRFU/DPhN/LEARN
From Gamma-ray tracking to high-resolution spectroscopy Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Gamma-ray spectroscopy and tracking

30-06-2018 3 mois IRFU/DPhN/LENA
Weak angle measurement with 13 TeV Atlas data Bac+5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

Data analysis in the ATLAS framework

29-06-2018 4 mois IRFU/DPhP
Tests of a high energy gamma ray astronomy camera prototype Bac+5


30-06-2018 3 mois IRFU/DPhP/HESS2
Search for high-energy emission of Fast Radio Bursts with H.E.S.S. Bac+5


data analysis using C++ and/or Python tools basic knowledge of astrophysics and/or astroparticle physics

30-06-2018 3 mois IRFU/DPhP
Reactor antineutrino spectrum modeling Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

Object oriented programming, high performance numerical computation

30-09-2018 4 mois IRFU/DPhP
Search for diffuse emissions in the Galactic Center region with H.E.S.S. Bac+4/5


statistical method for data analysis, analysis of large data sample, computation software development

30-06-2018 3 mois IRFU/DPhP
Searching for Gravitational Wave counterparts with H.E.S.S. and CTA Bac+5


data analysis + simulations

30-06-2018 3 mois IRFU/DPhP
Toward coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering detection at reactors: simulation of backgrounds for the design study of a new detector Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

C++ programming Monte Carlo simulation with Geant 4 Data analysis with ROOT

31-08-2018 5 mois IRFU/DPhP
Search for primary black hole bursts with the H.E.S.S. Bac+5


Data analysis with astronomical data.

30-06-2018 3 mois IRFU/DPhP/HESS2


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