Computing outside Saclay

Due to the complexity and the huge size of the numerical calculations, major COAST simulations are performed on the biggest supercomputers in Europe.
Members of COAST are using 4 supercomputers in France and Germany:

>>OCCIGEN at CINES/GENCI (Montpellier, France)
BULL 2106 nodes
24 cores by node
50544 cores
#26 Top500 november 2014

>>Turing at IDRIS (Orsay, France)
98000 cores
#42 TOP500 november 2014

>>Curie at CEA/TGCC (Bruyères le Chatel, France)
80000 cores, 1.5 Pflops
Hybride CPU/GPU
a PRACE machine
#33 TOP500 november 2014

>>SuperMUC at Garching (Germany)
IBM system x
147000 cores
2.9 Pflops.
a PRACE machine
#14 TOP500 november 2014

Computing at Saclay

COAST team has his own computers at Saclay; there are dedicated computers, smaller size than those available in major centers of national and European calculation.
Their role is to develop, test and validate computer codes, but they also help to set up a first exploratory phase often research projects.
Also, it is necessary to dispose of machines for the post-processing and visualization, which must be powerful, for example, load the data in memory.

>> Irfucoast
100 nodes, RAM=100x48G, 100x 2 CPUs Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz, in fact 1200 cores
storage 60To

>> sapmist
RAM=1 To, 8 CPUs Intel Xeon E7- 8870 @ 2.40GHz, 80 cores
nVidia Quadro K5000
storage 76 To

for visualization purpose,
>> Oxal
RAM =512Go, 8 CPUs Intel Xeon X7560 @ 2.27GHz, 64 cores
nVidia Quadro 6000
storage 10To