October 2015: Médaille de bronze du CNRS décernée à Sébastien Fromang

The COAST team is happy and proud to announce that Sébastien Fromang has received the 'Médaille de bronze' du CNRS for his work in the COAST project

July  2015: The COAST project has released the video  of the Mario Flock 3D global MHD simulation


The movie shows the temperature fluctuations in a 3D global radiation MHD simulation of a stratified disk. This disk is fully turbulent as a result of the magneto-rotational instability (MRI). (Flock et al. 2013, A&A 560A 43F). The run was performed on the curie cluster at TGCC using 1024 Intel XEON X7560 cores. The amount of data for the movie is around 4 Terabyte. The grid used for the movie was 512x128x3072 ~ 2 times 10^8 cells. The simulation was performed using the PLUTO radiation MHD code, published in our work mentioned above:

Our project was financed by the ERC under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) / ERC Grant agreement nr. 258729.


June  2015: Public release  of the DUMSES-Hybrid code

DUMSES-Hybrid is a free software to model astrophysical systems on CPUs and GPUs. It is a 3D hybrid MPI/OpenMP & MPI/OpenACC Eulerian second-order Godunov (magneto)hydrodynamic simulation code in cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinates, written in Fortran 90. It is developed in SAp by Marc Joos, Sébastien Fromang, Patrick Hennebelle, and Romain Teyssier, and distributed under a joint CeCILL-A & GNU/GPL license. DUMSES-Hybrid is publicly available and can be downloaded at:


May  2014: Podcast  France Inter (Emission avec A.S.Brun)

9/05/2014 "La tête au carré " :

le fichier audio : 20140509_FRANCEINTER_teteaucarre_SBrun.wav

Une jolie vidéo associée  : lucie/ondes_3d_logo.mp4


May 2014: Actualités CEA : les derniers résultats avec le code ASH

with a nice picture HERE 


April 2014: Podcasts France Inter (Emission avec A.S.Brun)

28/04/2014 "La tête au carré " :


June 7, 2013: Point Presse "les clefs de l'évolution des Galaxies": toutes les informations ici.
Les videos "Voie lactée" et "Collision des Antennes" sont présentées ici.


June 6, 2013: Le prix SF2A 2013 décerné à Antoine Strugarek pour ses travaux sur les plasmas : voir ici.


March 28, , 2013: All information about the MHDTURB 'Grand Challenge' on Turing at IDRIS ( by Marc Joos and Sebastien Fromang ): see here.


March 20, 2013: A nice web page by Florent Renaud about the Milky Way simulation using RAMSES code and Pymses for visualization see here.


November 5, 2012: Our movie 'Computing the Universe' has been selected for the‘scientific visualization showcase’of the SuperComputing SC12 conference, november 10-16, Salt Lake City, USA, among the 16 movies on high performance computing numerical simulation presented.   This event is announced on the SC12 Web site :   here.


August 7, 2012: CoastGL applications : Visualization with WebGL

A site dedicated to COAST applications with WebGL language is now available; the site contains WebGL demos of COAST applications. The site can be reached here.


April 6, 2012: Movie "Computing the Universe"

A 12'30" movie has been achieved showing our numerical simulations from the Big Bang to the stars; this movie is available in stereoscopic 3D or 2D standard versions, with comments in french or english. The english name is "Computing the Universe", the french one is "L'univers recalculé". The french version can be seen here; people interested for getting the avi versions can send a request to (DCP format is also available).


February 3, 2012: PRL Cover

Results obtained by COAST members Thierry Foglizzo, Frédéric Masset, Jérôme Guilet, and Gilles Durand on the Shallow Water Analogue of the Standing Accretion Shock Instability are published in Physical Review Letters and featured on the cover of this week's edition. This work associates experimentation, numerical simulations and perturbative computations. The article and movies are available here. A two pages Viewpoint is published in Physics. A news release of the SAp is available here.


September 2011: The COAST meetings are back !

With plenty of new members joining the COAST project, it seems like a good moment to revive the COAST meetings. The format we are anticipating is a monthly meeting during which one of us will present his work (ongoing or published research). The idea is to have informal presentations (~40 mn long) that would stimulate discussions. If you have any announcements of general interest (meetings, special events, etc...), these meeting will also be a good opportunity to do so.
The first meeting will take place on Friday, October 14th, at 11am, in room 3
- Speaker: Titos Matsakos
- Title: Numerical simulations of two-component protostellar jets
The expected following dates are **November 18th** and **December 16th** (unless local Sap events are scheduled, in which case we will change the schedule).
For any questions, suggestions, or if you realize that we forgot to include someone, don't hesitate to contact Sebastien ( or Titos ( font>


May 2011: Romain Teyssier receives the " Grand Prix Scientifique Cino and Simone Del Duca 2011"

Romain Teyssier and the COAST team are very honored to receive the " Grand Prix Scientifique Cino and Simone Del Duca 2011" : see The site of The Institut de France   for the official announcement.


March 2011: First PyMSES public release

The PyMSES development team is happy to announce the first PyMSES public release which can be found on the PyMSES web site;   PyMSES pages can also be reached in the "software" part of the COAST site.


November 2010: Colloque "Nano,astro,cerveau: la force des images"

COAST members have presented the new stereo video "GALAXY3D" in the Salle Louis Lumière during the workshop day "Nano,astro,cerveau: la force des images" at the Paris Cité des Sciences on saturday, november 20.


October 2010: "Le message des Antennes"

Quoted as a 'fait marquant CEA', the simulation by COAST members of the formation of Antennae Galaxies is described on the CEA web site, and results have been published in the 'Astrophysical Journal Letters' .


March 2010: First PICARD workshop in IAP, Paris, March 8-9 2010

The first PICARD international meeting has been held in Paris; it was dedicated to the study of internal origin of solar activity and also interaction of this activity on Earth atmosphere.All the presentations can be found on page

This 70 persons meeting was organised by CEA, CNES and instruments PI laboratories; it was financed by the 'Programme National Soleil-Terre' and the CNES.



March 2010: Announcement of ASTROSIM school on computational astrophysics in Torun, Poland July 11-25 2010

The Summer School on 'SIMULATING THE UNIVERSE: TOWARDS PETA-SCALE SUPERCOMPUTING IN ASTROPHYSICS' will be held on 11/07/2010 - 25/07/2010 in Torun, Poland and financed by the ASTROSIM project. :

More information can be found in the Teaching page


March 2010: COAST at CAP2010 IAU conference

Daniel Pomarede presented the COAST implication in IYA2009 (International Year of Astronomy 2009) at the Communicating Astronomy with the Public CAP 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa, 15-19 March, 2010; the title of the talk is: Three-dimensional Visualization of Astrophysical Simulations and its role in Communicating Astronomy with the Public


February 2010: COAST Journal Club on Numerical Simulations creation

Sebastien Fromang will be organizing a Journal Club on Numerical Simulations, in which papers of general interest will be discussed. These meetings will take place on Monday at 14h, every two weeks. They are supposed to last at most 1h, during which two papers will be discussed. These meetings are supposed to be very informal and are intended to favor discussion among the participants.
The first meeting will take place on March, 15th see:


November 2009: COAST at SuperComputing09

The COAST movie "The Universe in 3D" was presented on auto-stereoscopic screen "Alioscopy"on the CEA stand at SuperComputing09, Portland, Oregon. The movie is a collection of sequences of astrophysical simulations (large structures of the Universe, galaxies formation, interstellar medium and solar magnetic field simulations) visualized in 3D for auto-stereoscopic screens. Calculations of the images and video productions are done at Saclay with the code SDvision.


November 2009:

COAST members will be present Saturday, November,14th at Cité des Sciences , La Villette, Paris during the 1-day conference "Univers profond, Univers virtuel". The 3D movie "Cosmo3D" will be presented in the "Louis Lumière" special auditorium.

October 2009:

COAST simulations are presented at the CNRS/CEA exhibition "Les Mystères de l'Univers" from October,21st to November,1st in Paris, Trocadéro. The 3D movie "Cosmo3D" is presented every day 11h30- 12h30 with special glasses, and some original simulations are displayed on auto-stereoscopic screen "Alioscopy".

June 2009:

COAST members are organizing the ASTRONUM 2009 conference, 4th International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows in Nice, France. The conference is co-sponsored by the Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research (CSPAR) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the Laboratory of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe of the french Commissariat of Atomic Energy (CEA/IRFU).

March 2009:

Presentation of the COAST project in the HPC-Asia 2009 conference (march 2-5, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

February 2009:

Presentation of the 3D stereo movie 'COSMO - 3D'  realized by the COAST team  at the temporary exhibit 'Voyage au centre de la galaxie' from february,2nd to may,4th 2009 at the french museum  Palais de la Decouverte, Paris

January 2009:

 COAST team is now involved in the organization of ASTRONUM 2009, the 4th International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows to be held from June,29th to July 3rd 2009 at Chamonix, France


November 2008:

Presentation of Coast simulation movies in 'Supercomputing' SC09 conference  (15-21 november, 2008, Austin, USA)


September 2008:

Presentation of the COAST project in 'Sixièmes Journées Informatique IN2P3-IRFU'  (september 29 to october,2, Obernai, France)


September 2008:

Participation in JENAM 2008 'New challenges to European Astronomy'  (september 8-12, Vienna, Austria)


August 2008:

Participation in the 5th International Conference on 'Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization' (august  25-28, Penang, Malaysia)


July 2008:

Participation in Astrosim Conference 'Frontiers in Computational Astrophysics: The Origin of Stars, Planets and Galaxies'  (july 13-18, Ascona, Switzerland)


June 2008:

Participation in 35th EPS Plasma Physics Conference  (june 9-13, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece)


June 2008:

Participation in ASTRONUM 2008 '3rd international conference on numerical modeling of space plasma flows' ( june 8-13, St John, USVI)


June 2008:

Participation in HPCS 2008 'The 2008 High Performance Computing & Simulation Conference' (june 3-6, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus)


May 2008:

Participation in PARA 2008 '9th International Workshop on State-of-the-Art in Scientific and Parallel Computing' (may 13-16, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)


April 2008:

Challenges in Modelling Solar Magnetism and Dynamo Action

Workshop organized from 14th to 17th April 2008 at  IRFU/SAp bat. 709 salle 220 ( Saclay / Orme des Merisiers )

for information, see :


January 2008: DAPNIA becomes IRFU!

Our DAPNIA laboratory changes his name and becomes now an Institute: IRFU, for Institut de Recherche sur les lois Fondamentales de l'Univers.


December 2007: COAST members involved in a new European founded project!

STARS2, a new ERC Starting Grant project has been accepted in December 2007. STARS2 for 'Simulations of Turbulent, Active and Rotating Suns and Stars', is a 5-years project for modeling  on massively parallel supercomputers in a self-consistent and three-dimensional way, the complex, time dependent and non-linear dynamics operating in the Sun and stars. STARS2 project team will work with Allan Sacha Brun as Principal Investigator. An associated Web site will soon be online.


November 2007: Presentation of Coast simulation movies in 'Supercomputing' conference  (10-16 november, 2007, Reno, USA)


September 2007: Romain Teyssier and the Horizon project team have produced the largest N body simulation ever performed:

This "grand challenge" project features the largest N body simulation ever performed: the simulation of the 13.7 Gyr long evolution of 4096^3 dark matter particles in a 2 Gpc/h periodic box, running the RAMSES code for a couple of month on the 6144 processors of the new BULL supercomputer of the CEA supercomputing center (Centre de Calcul Recherche et Technologie).

See: for all the information


September 2007:

Participation in CCP2007 'Conference on Computational Physics' ( 5-8 september, Brussels, Belgium )

Participation in 'Eurosim Congress on Modelling and Simulation' ( 9-13 september, Ljubljana, Slovenia ) 


August 2007: Participation in 'Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization' conference  (14-17 august, 2007, Bangkok, Thailand)


June 2007: The COAST team was involved in the management of ASTRONUM-2007 conference held in Paris (11-15 june 2007)

See : 

Participation of COAST members (5 oral presentations)


June 2007: Participation in the workshop held in ENS Paris in June,8 2007

"Visualization of high-resolution 3D turbulent flows"

see here the video of Daniel Pomarède's talk "Interactive visualization of astrophysical plasma simulation with SDVision":

and the video of Allan Sacha Brun' talk "Open questions in Stellar MHD":


June 2007: Participation in ISC07 Supercomputing conference (26-29 june 2007, Dresde, Germany)


April 2007: The Sinerghy project is now on the way, involving COAST members and CELIA laboratory of Bordeaux.

The kick-off meeting was held in April 2007 at Saclay, for tasks definition and sharing. 


February,7/8  2007:

Kick-off meeting of the MAGNET project.

MAGNET is a 4-years collaboration involving DAPNIA, LRA/ENS Paris and CETP Velizy.


October,29 2006:

Acceptation of the SINERGHY project.

SINERGHY is a 3-years collaboration involving DAPNIA and CELIA Bordeaux.


November 2006: Participation in SC06 Supercomputing conference (11-17 november 2006, Orlando, USA)


October 2006: Participation in ICAMDATA 05 conference (15-19 october 2006, Meudon, France )


October 2006: Participation in ADASS-2006 conference (october 2006, Tucson, USA)


September 2006: Participation in IASTED/MSO conference (september 2006, Gaborone, Botswana)


August 2006: Participation in CCP-2006 conference (august 2006, Gyeonju, Korea)


March 2006: Participation in Astronum2006 conference (march 2006, Palm Springs, USA)