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News 2002

The INTEGRAL payload calibration
The INTEGRAL payload calibration campaign was successfully completed in ESTEC.
From 2002, January 23rd to February 6th, an international team has fulfilled a very important calibration campaign on the whole INTEGRAL payload, in one of the clean room of ESA/ESTEC (The Netherlands). The satellite was in its in-flight ... More »
Hidden star formation in distant clusters of galaxies
A team of astronomers from the Service d'Astrophysique du DAPNIA/CEA, in collaboration with scientists of the Padoue Observatory and of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) discovered in a cluster of galaxies an activity of star formation with an ... More »
Are galaxies shy ?
What is the origin of the cosmic diffuse infrared background ? A study, based on observations by the ISO infrared satellite, brings today a essential answer to this very important astrophysical question. With the help of deep sky images, obtained ... More »


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