Integrated chemistry cabinets


Chemical treatment of elliptical cavities (h ≤ 150 cm).



Technical means

  • PNF bath : H3PO485% – HNO365% et HF40% in the proportions 2.4 – 1– 1,

  • Acid tank with a capacity of 200 l,

  • Acid circulation from bottom upwards with a maximum flow rate of 30 l/min,

  • Gravity draining,

  • PVDF piping,

  • Station under ventilated fume hood.


Chemical treatment cycles are automated.

Currently, the acids are not filtered, but it is possible to install a filter in the circuitry.


Additional facilities: ultrasonic degreasing station (10 l and 350 l), adjoining storage room (acids, solvents), effluent treatment plant (water, acids, vapors).


Achievements, related projects

This station was mainly used in the framework of the ESS project.


Technical steps, expertise

After ultrasonic degreasing in an alkaline solution, the integrated chemistry stages involves circulating the PNF acid, draining and rinsing with pure water. Cycles are automated.



#3949 - Last update : 08/02 2017


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