News 2019

August 2019

"Invisible" galaxies that question the models of the Universe evolution

July 2019

The TESS satellite discovers a hot Saturn orbiting a sub-giant star
The LISA experiment will be able to detect planets throughout the Galaxy
The recent detections of gravitational waves, tiny vibrations of space-time, have opened a new window in the observation of the Universe.

June 2019

A second life for the CEA VISIR camera

March 2019

Two chimneys of hot gas found around the central back hole
The large ALMA interferometer reveals a population of galaxies not yet detected by the Hubble Space Telescope
An international team, led by researchers from the Department of Astrophysics/AIM Laboratory of CEA-Irfu has just highlighted a new population of very remote galaxies, which had so far escaped the deepest observations of the Universe.

February 2019


January 2019

On November 29, 2018, the first version of the ECU software for the ECLAIRs instrument was delivered.


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