High energy cosmic phenomena

The sky as seen by the Fermi satellite

High-energy astrophysics aims to study the most energetic astrophysical phenomena of the universe, cosmic phenomena revealed by their high energy radiation. Researches conducted by IRFU in this area focus on the study of compact objects (black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs) and their environment s(jets, accretion-ejection phenomena) and on acceleration of particles (sources of cosmic rays, supernova remnants). Theses programmes benefit of national and international collaborations with the support of CNES in case of space missions.


Researches are based on observations from the ground (HESS network) and from space (XMM-Newton, Integral or Fermi) and on a theoretical approach including modeling and numerical simulation. IRFU actively prepares the future missions (satellite SVOM, the network of ground-based telescopes CTA, ..), especially through technological developments leading.


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LEPCHE - High Energy Cosmic Phenomena Research Laboratory


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