Life of the experiment

History and main milestones

  • proposed in 1983
  • approved in 1984


  • 12 may 1992 : first protons-antiprotons collisions registered
  • 1992-1996 : Run I:  first data taking phase (with the transition radiation detector)  integrated luminosity125 pb-1
  • 1995 : top quark discovery  (in pair production via strong interactions)
  • 2001: final measurement of the W boson mass using Run I data. Achieved precision of 84 Mev (1.05%)
  • 2003: final measurement of the top quark mass using Run I data, using the matrix element technique. Precision of 2.4%


  • March 2001 : Data taking resumes with proton anti-proton collisions at 1.96 TeV after a 5 years long shutdown during which both the collider and the D0 detector have been significantly upgraded
  • spring 2002 : end of the commissioning of the new D0 detecteur D0
  • summer 2002 : first physics results from Run 2 a data
  • march 2006 : end of  Run 2a   integrated luminosity   1.5 fb-1
  • march 2006 - may 2006 : installation of layer 0 of the vertex detector and trigger upgrades
  • august 2006 : Run IIb starts
  • 2006 : observation of the Bs oscillation
  • 2007 : observation of the electroweak production of the top quark top  i.e.  single top production
  • spring 2007 : Tevatron has delivered 3 fb-1 to D0
  • 2007 : observation of the XI_b baryon
  • August  2007 : the publication of the observation of the XI_b baryon corresponds to the 200th D0 publication
  • July 2008: measurement of the top quark mass with a precision of 1.2%, using Run IIa data
  • July 2008: first limit from the Tevatron experiments (D0+CDF) on the Standard Model Higgs boson. Exclusion of a Higgs boson of mass around 155 GeV.
  • end 2008: Tevatron deliver 7 fb-1 to D0.
  • 2009: Measurement of the W mass using RunIIa data (1 fb-1). Precision of 43 MeV.
  • 2011 Anomalous CP violating asymmetry in like-sign dimuon pair production.
  • September 2011: final Tevatron shutdown after delivering 12 fb-1 to D0
  • 2012: measurement of the W mass using the first half of Run II data. Precision of 23 MeV
  • July 2012: first evidence for the production of Higgs bosons decaying to pairs of b-quarks. At the same time the Higgs boson is discovered at the CERN LHC.
  • 2013: final results on the search for Higgs bosons at Tevatron. Evidence for the production of a Higgs boson of mass 125 GeV combining D0 and CDF data.
  • 2014 Precise measurement of the top quark mass in the lepton+jets final state. Precision of 0.43%
  • 2016 Discovery of a new states that could be a tetraquark made of 4 different flavors.



Technical and scientific achievements


  • Around 150  publications from physics analysis of the Run I data
  • More than 350 publications from physics analysis of the Run II data

The complete list of publications is here


Life of the experiment

Publication in the different scientific topics: Strong interaction (QCD), top quark physics, New Phenomena (NP), Higgs boson search, electroweak physics (EW), and Heavy flavor physics (HF).

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