Instructions for paper submission

Papers should be submitted in either MS-Word or LaTeX format. In addition we would like to receive a pdf or postscript file of your contribution. The files of your final manuscript should be sent by e-mail to the following address

specifying your summary number and your name in the subject, and not later than April 23, 2007.

The maximum number of pages allowed is

Please read carefully the detailed instructions, typeset in the expected format. Download the LaTeX template or the MS-Word template and use it as a starting point for your paper.

Copyright transfer

In addition to the manuscripts, authors should also submit a signed Non Exclusive Copyright Transfer Agreement form. Put your initials on page 1, fill out and sign page 2, then return both pages by postal mail to:

Brigitte Le Fur
ND-2007 Conference Secretariat
CEA Cadarache, Bat. 101
13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance Cedex

Alternatively, the signed forms can be handed over to the secretariat at the conference.

E-mailed, scanned or faxed copies can not be accepted.

It is not necessary for all authors to sign the copyright form. It is sufficient if only the principal author signs it, with the understanding that he/she then signs on behalf of all the co-authors, whose names should be simply written down.

If the employer also holds (part of) the publication rights, then he should also sign the form.

Your paper will not be included in the Conference Proceedings if we do not receive the corresponding signed Non Exclusive Copyright Transfer Agreement form.