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The 2007 International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology will be held at the Acropolis Convention and Exhibition Centre, in the city of Nice in southeastern France, from April 22 to April 27, 2007. This conference is held every three years and is part of a series of conferences previously organized in Harwell (1978), Antwerp (1982), Santa Fe (1985), Mito (1988), Jülich (1991), Gatlinburg (1994), Trieste (1997), Tsukuba (2001) and Santa Fe (2004).

The purpose of these conferences is to bring together scientists and engineers involved in the production or use of nuclear data for various applications. The ND-2007 conference will cover measurements, theoretical model developments, evaluation, processing, validation and dissemination activities. The scope of the conference includes the following fields of application: fission and fusion energy, accelerator technology, dosimetry and shielding, astrophysics and cosmology, safeguards and security, space, medicine, environment. The corresponding needs for improved nuclear data will be addressed.

The ND-2007 conference is organized by the Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique (CEA) under the auspices of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and in collaboration with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).