Electrons for the LHC
Max Klein - University of Liverpool
Lundi 26/03/2018, 11h00-12h00
Bat 141, salle André Berthelot, CEA Paris-Saclay

The physics prospects on Standard Model, Higgs and BSM Particle as well as Nuclear Physics are presented which the addition of an energy recovery electron linac (ERL) to the LHC (HL and HE) may open at CERN through synchronous, high luminosity ep and pp operation. An ep/A detector design is presented for possible built in the twenties. Aspects are presented also of the Large Hadron Electron Collider accelerator concept, its status and development, especially through a low energy electron beam facility (PERLE) for LAL/IPN Orsay under design by an international collaboration.

Contact : Fabrice BALLI


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