Opening of a scientist staff position in Cosmology

The Department of Particle Physics (DPhP) of the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU) at CEA Paris-Saclay opens a call for applications for a scientist staff position in cosmology in 2020.

DPhP comprises about 110 physicists. DPhP scientific themes include elementary components of matter at the highest energies at the CERN LHC collider, R&D for future accelerators, instrumentation, study of antimatter, neutrino physics, gamma ray astronomy, study of gravitational waves, and observational cosmology.

With ten staff scientists, the cosmology group of DPhP is making substantial contributions to the study of large-scale structures in the Universe via its involvement in the SDSS (BOSS, eBOSS) and DESI surveys. It is playing a leading role in the development of analysis techniques for different tracers of matter and hydrodynamical simulations, and had the responsibility of key hardware contributions for the DESI instrument. The group is also involved in cosmology with other probes such as supernovae as well as galaxy clusters detected with the cosmic microwave background.

We encourage applications from motivated candidates demonstrating creative ability in the field of observational cosmology with a strong expertise in large-scale structures. A professional experience of no more than about six years since the PhD is recommended.

Details to apply to this job offer are provided in the following document:

Job offer DPhP 2020

The complete applications should be sent at the latest on March the 17th, 2020.

For further information, contact us by phone at +33 1 69 08 23 50 or by e-mail:

Head of the Particle Physics Department


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