Département de Physique des Particules

The Particle Physics Division

The Particle Physics Division :   The particle physics department is interested in five themes. Collider physics, neutrino physics but also low energy interactions, high energy cosmic phenomena, astroparticles and the dark universe.

Mon, Jun. 04th, 11:00
Séminaires du DPhP - Gilles Ramstein - CEA Paris-Saclay - Bat 141, salle André Berthelot
Mon, Jun. 11th, 11:00
Séminaires du DPhP - Shiqi Yu - CEA Paris-Saclay - Bat 141, salle André Berthelot

The HESS international collaboration, to which CNRS and CEA contribute, has published the results of fifteen years of gamma ray observations of the Milky Way.

The LHC's Atlas collaboration at Cern has observed a rare process: the production of Higgs bosons in association with a top quark and top antiquark pair. This work, supervised by an Irfu researcher, opens up perspectives on the study of the Higgs mechanism that gives mass to particles.


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