News 2011

March 2011

The heart of the giant stars reveal their source of energy
Evidence of red giants with a hydrogen burning shell
Thanks to the data of the NASA  Kepler satellite, an international team including Rafael Garcia of the Astrophysical Department at CEA-Irfu [1], succesfully probe the heart of hundreds of giant stars for the first time. The researchers used stellar seismology to analyze very small ... More »
Astronomers take the pulse of a giant star
First detection of gravity-like waves in a red giant star
Waves traveling inside the core of a giant star have been discovered by a international team of researchers including Rafael A. Garcia, member of the Service d'Astrophysique of CEA-Irfu [1]. The results were obtained using 320-day observations  of the Kepler satellite by means of stellar ... More »
IRFU Master's Day on January 29, 2011
    “The research teams are really enthusiastic about what they do and it was fantastic listening to them. The event provided an excellent opportunity to meet them”   said one participant at the Master's Day held at the end of ... More »
Butterfly effect - from nuclear fission to the hypothesis of a 4th neutrino
IRFU's Double Chooz group has just published some surprising results regarding the flux of antineutrinos generated by uranium and plutonium fission products in nuclear power reactors. A more precise estimate of this flux has revealed a +3% shift with respect to the predictions considered as the ... More »

January 2011

Planck discovers some amazing galaxy clusters
Clusters and superclusters billions of light-years away
An international team, including scientists from the Astrophysics Department-AIM and the Particle Physics Department of CEA-Irfu, has just used the Planck satellite to discover galaxy clusters with characteristics that were previously unknown. These clusters, which contain up to a thousand ... More »
The PLANCK satellite produces its first results
The scientific community had to wait 18 months for the data collected by Planck, the European Space Agency satellite. Now, the first scientific results are in. The first edition of the compact sources catalog (ERCSC, Early Release Compact Sources Catalogue), with several thousand sources detected ... More »
The largest image of the sky ever obtained
  The Sloan Digital Sky Survey III, a collaboration with contributions from researchers at the CNRS and CEA, has just released the widest sky survey ever carried out to the international scientific community at the annual meeting of the American Astronomy Society held in Seattle between ... More »
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