Dec 07, 2012
CEA will contributes to the METIS instrument

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) Council at its meeting at ESO's Headquarters in Garching, Germany on 4 December 2012 has given full approval for the start of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) programme. With its 39,3 m diametre mirror, E-ELT will be the world largest ground-based telescope for visible and infrared observations. Four to five times bigger that the present most-advanced instruments, it will collect 15 times more light. Its size is also larger than the other competing installations the « Thirty-Meter Telescope » and the « Giant Magellan Telescope ». The vote of France has allowed to reach the two-third majority needed for the launch of the program. Within a consortium of other European laboratories, the CEA (Astrophysical Division - IRFU) is involved in the buiding of METIS, a spectro-imager operating in the infrared that will be one of the major instruments at the focus of the new giant telescope.
Read more in : Le télescope européen géant E-ELT définitivement accepté (in French)


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