The D0 experiment at the Fermilab proton-antiproton collider Tevatron is a multi-purpose detectors system allowing to address a wide spectrum of physics subjects within the Standard Model such as top quark production and properties measurements, QCD, W and Z gauge bosons studies, b-quark physics.

The D0 experiment also allows to search for the Higgs boson as well as new physics beyond the Standard Model such as supersymmetry and extra-dimensions.

Before the advent of the LHC, the Tevatron is currently the most energetic collider in the world and the only collider where the top quark as well as possibly a Higgs boson, if sufficiently light, can be produced.



Fermilab (Chicago, Etats-Unis)


Dapnia contribution

Scientific and technical responsabilities

Technical achievements and responsabilities:

- realisation of transition radiation detector (used from 1992 to 1996) ;
- realisation of an optical interconnection module (FIC) used by the level 2 trigger system since 2001 ;
- studies for the level 1 calorimeter trigger system upgrade for Run 2 b ;
- realisation of "ADF" card prototypes for the level 1 calorimeter trigger system: calorimeter signals digitization and filtering ;
- realisation of the distribution cards for the synchronisation signals ;
- realisation tests cards ;
- configuration softwares developpment and cards tests ;

- installation of the trigger system in 2006 ;

Scientific responsabilities:

- muon reconstruction software (2000-2003) ;
- convenor of the QCD physics analysis group (2002-2004) ;
- convenor of the Common Samples Group i.e. definition of the common data samples for data analysis (2003-2008) ;                                      - convenor of the Jet Energy Scale physics group (2004-2006) ; 
- calorimeter data quality control software (since 2005) ;                                                                                                               
- convenor of the muon identification group (since 2005)  ;                                                                                                                            - chairman of two Editorial Boards on searches for supersymmetry and Higgs boson with lepton signatures (since 2006) ;                               

 - convenor of the top quark pairs physics in dilepton channels group (depuis 2007).

Dapnia Divisions involvements:

Past (Pre-Dapnia): SED, Stipe, SEIPE
Present: SEDI




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