Weekly Sap Seminar

Location: Galilée Room, Bat 713, Orme des Merisiers



Thursday 6 Septembre, at 11h
F.Rincon (IRAP, Toulouse, France)
      "Subcritical magnetorotational turbulence and dynamo action in accretion disks"
Thursday 27 Septembre, at 11h
Elisabete da Cunha (MPIA Heidelberg, Allemagne)
      "Empirical predictions for (sub-)millimeter line and continuum deep fields"
Thursday 4 Octobre, at 11h
S.Foucaud (National Taiwan Normal Univ., Taiwan)
«Witnessing the assembly of galaxies up to z~2: linking stars, dark matter halos and gas»
Thursday 18 Octobre, at 11h
O. Doré (JPL, USA)
Thursday 25 Octobre, at 11h
F. Boulanger (IAS, Orsay, France)
"Turbulent molecular gas in galaxies"

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