Chemistry laboratory and clean-room (Saclay)

Chemistry laboratory

8 fume hoods for the treatment of samples and cavities, including one closed chemistry cabinet for treating only the internal surface with filtered acids, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

Adjacent storage area for acids and solvents.

Effluent treatment plant for water, acids and vapors.

2 ultrasonic degreasing stations (10 l and 120 l).


170 m2 clean-room with three ISO class sections 7.5 and 4

Assembly of cavities following high pressure rinsing.

ISO class 4 clean room: 112 m2.

Washing air-lock for the external cleaning of cavities prior to their entry into the clean-room.

Ultra-pure and ultra-filtered water loop.

High pressure rinsing with ultra-filtered pure water.


Additional facilities

Pure and ultra-pure water treatment plant (4 m3/h).

Refrigeration unit with a power of 179 kW.

370 m2 assembly hall with lifting equipment capable of handling loads of up to 20 metric tons.




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