SAp relations with other Institutions
SAp relations with other Institutions

An important activity at SAp, is the study of stellar plasma (studying the sun interior with SOHO observations and heliosismology techniques,
magneto-hydrodynamics numerical simulations, laboratory experiment with large lasers).

SAp has always been very open to the outside, welcoming researchers from other institutes. For this reason, very close links have existed between SAp and CNRS since the mid-70s. The structure of this collaboration has, for a long time, been an associated research unit (URA 2052). In 2001, the decision was made to convert the URA to a transitional research federation (FRE2591), a 2-year temporary structure enabling the unit to evolve to a new structure, namely a mixed research unit (UMR). Since 1997, DAPNIA’s Astrophysics Service has been associated with Paris-7 University through the γG team. This mixed team (four research academics and four physicists from the CEA in 1997) had expanded to six research academics and 13 physicists from the CEA at the time of the 2001 four-year plan. 
From 1 January 2005, relations with our partners will be strengthened by the creation of two mixed research units (UMRs). The astrophysics of multiplescale interactions (AIM) UMR will include most of the physicists from the CEA and CNRS, and the university staff currently in SAp. In addition, seven physicists from the service will be part of the astroparticles and cosmology (APC) UMR, which will be located at the Tolbiac campus of Paris-7 University. 

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