Conference BSM Vietnam 2012  
This is the 1st bulletin to announce the international conference on Beyond Standard Model of Particle physics to be held in Qui Nhon Vietnam, 15-21 July 2012.

Registration is now open at

This conference belongs to the "Rencontres du Vietnam" conference cycle created by Jean Tran Thân Van which has in the past covered many topics in physics, astronomy and biology. Jean Tran Thân Van has also created The "Rencontres de Moriond" in 1966 and "Rencontres
de Blois" in 1989.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions for invited theoretical and experimental presentations consisting of review talks on experimental results, theoretical recent developments and talks on specific specialized topics.

Special emphasis is being placed on active participation by younger researchers and post-docs. Parallel sessions are foreseen, and are being organised as the need arises.

The meeting will be articulated around the results and their impact on current theories from major experiments at various experimental facilities.

Topics will include:

- Higgs boson physics
- Top quark Physics
- Heavy Flavors
- Neutrinos
- Supersymmetry
- Dark matter
- Extra dimensions
- Technicolor and strong dynamics

The organizing committe members include:
Eric Armengaud (CEA-Saclay)
Marc Besancon (CEA-Saclay) co-chair
Gustaaf Brooijmans (Columbia)
EMilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique)
Jean-Marie Frère (Brussels)
André Golutvin (Imperial College/ITEP)
Christophe Grojean (CERN)
Boris Kayser (Fermilab)
Greg Landsberg (Brown)
Sotiris Loucatos (CEA-Saclay)
Joe Lykken (Fermilab)
Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg)
Geraldine Servant )CEA-Saclay/CERN)
Alexander Studenikin (Moscow State University)
Maxim Titov (CEA-Saclay)
Jean Tran Thanh Van (Rencontres du Vietnam) co-chair
Vu Anh Tuan (CERN)
Dirk Zerwas (LAL-Orsay)

The International Advisory Committee
members include:

Etienne Auge (In2p3)
Catherine Cesarsky (CEA)
François Englert (ULB)
Jerome Friedman (MIT)
Nguyen van Hieu (Inst. of Physics, Hanoi)
Boaz Klima (Fermilab)
Martin Perl (SLAC)
Kok-Khoo Phua (Nayang Tech. U. Singapore)
Alexei Smirnov (ICTP)
Michel Spiro (CERN)

The detailed scientific programme is currently under development; if you urgently need information which is currently not available on the above web site, you may contact Jean Tran Thân Van and Marc Besancon, at the email addresses:

For administrative and organizational questions, you may contact the conference secretary, Ms Hady Schenten:
Ms Hady Schenten
Rencontres de Blois
BP 33, F-91192
Gif sur Yvette
Tel : 33 (0)1 69 28 51 35; Fax : 33 (0)1 69288659
email: Affichette_BSM_juillet_2012.pdf (116 Ko) ...

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