Radioactive ion beam experiments and 3 Nucleon Forces  
Thu, Mar. 27th, 2014 to Sun, Apr. 13th, 2014

Atelier ESNT

On behalf of the "Espace de Structure et de réactions Nucléaires Théorique" (ESNT) the workshop entitled "Radioactive ion beam experiments and 3 Nucleon Forces" will be held in April at CEA-Saclay, Orme-les-Merisiers campus, Building 703, room 135.

For details about the program, see the ESNT Web site.

For further information, please contact the local organizer of the project.

Organizers: J.D Holt (IKP, TU Darmstadt), V. Somà (SPhN), V. Lapoux (SPhN-contact)
Visit of J.D. Holt and H. Hergert (IKP) to Saclay for twelve days. ...

V. Lapoux, 2014-03-14 00:00:00


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