WaveCatcher and SAMPIC International Workshop, 7-8 February 2018- Orsay France  

Dear colleagues,

It has now been several years since the WaveCatcher modules and more recently the SAMPIC modules based on analog memories were released. Both perform very fast signal sampling with a very high precision in time and are being used mostly by partner Research labs, but also by private companies.
These acquisition systems are in fact accompanying many of you in your test benches or experiences in a multitude of fields: particle beam monitoring, accelerators, R&D on detectors, study of new fast photo-detectors (SiPMs, MCP-PMTs), new generation of detectors (LGAD, pico-second Micromegas, diamonds) for high energy physics, TOF-PET for medical imaging, ...
The development of these modules and associated Firmware/Software and Libraries has always been enriched by your experience and feedback, and we are grateful to you for that.
This is why we think now that gathering our community in order to share the different experiences on instrumentation/software/offline analysis/... should be very stimulating and enriching for all of us and would contribute to guide us for new technical developments and/or evolutions.

Therefore, we decided to organize a "WaveCatcher and SAMPIC International Workshop" that will be held at LAL, the 7th and 8th of February 2018.
Of course this workshop is not only addressed to the sole WaveCatcher and SAMPIC users but to everyone interested in these developments.
The goal of the workshop is :

to share experience between users and the system designers
to present your experience feedback
to describe your future needs
to think about development mutualization

During this meeting, we would like to dedicate one day and a half for presentations (and posters) about experience with the modules, and half a day to practical sessions with the modules.

If you would like to have a slot for a presentation or/and a poster, contact Viatcheslav Sharyy, Jean-Pierre Meyer, Eric Delagnes before December 8. 3605 (4 Ko)

V. Sharyy, 2017-11-22 00:00:00


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