Nuclear structure inputs, nucleosynthesis and equation of state of nuclear matter  

A two-day workshop on the nuclear data inputs in astrophysics processes is organized within the framework of the ESNT ( in December, 7-8th.
The aims are:

  • to introduce the questions related to the nucleosynthesis and to the neutron stars, and their link with the nuclear data,
  • to start the discussions related to the questions of the equations of state of the nuclear matter, developed within various theoretical frameworks. The r-process in neutron star mergers and the link between the equation of state and the coalescence of neutron stars will be included in the discussion sessions on Dec 8th.

On 7th, a seminar and lectures will be given by S. Goriely (IAA-ULB), on "Nucleosynthesis processes and the origin of the elements in the Universe".

On 8th, a seminar will be given by A. Bauswein (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies), on "Gravitational waves from neutron star mergers". ...

V. Lapoux, 2017-11-28 00:00:00


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