Contrat CDD

Statut du poste Cadre

Durée du contrat (en mois) 12 months extensible


Description de l'offre

Integrated to the project team, the selected candidate is expected to immediately contribute to the ongoing engineering efforts. She/He will participate to the supervision of Sc magnets fabrication at the vendor, to the magnet testing, and to the design of highly innovative magnets. 


Profil du candidat

• B.S. or M.S. degree in Engineering or Physics
• Additional experience in a precision environment such as particle accelerators or MRI's magnets would be beneficial.
• Candidate must have a strong technical background, proven analytical skills, and familiarity with magnet design and fabrication in some areas associated with superconducting materials (magnet assembly, electrical tests/design, mechanical tests/design, magnetic measurements, vacuum, cryogenics,).
• Candidate will have to travel regularly as part as of the follow up activities.



  • Anglais (Intermédiaire)
  • Français (Notions)


Formation recommandée

Engineer, Ph.D, M.Sc ...

A. Thaumoux, 2021-03-25 11:28:00


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