Physics at the Super Separator Spectrometer
Mar. 27th 2017 to Mar. 30th 2017
Bat 713, salle de séminaires Galilée , CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

On behalf of the "Espace de Structure et de réactions Nucléaires Théorique" (ESNT), the workshop entitled: "Physics at the Super Separator Spectrometer" is scheduled in March 27th- 30th at CEA-Saclay, Orme-les-Merisiers site.

For details about the updated program, see the ESNT Web pages: >> Ateliers 2017

For further information and registration, please contact the local organizer of the project: A. Drouart (SPhN).


N.B.: The sessions will be held in the room Galilée, in building 713, except on Tuesday afternoon the session will be held in b. 703, room 135.
Contact : Valerie LAPOUX


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