Workshop in Saclay, France. 18-21 november 2014

Star-Planet Interactions and the Habitable Zone

First Announcement

With the discovery of more than 1000 exo-planetary systems, the diversity of known star(s)-planet(s) systems and their configurations is wider and wider. The selection as Cosmic Vision M3 mission of the Plato satellite encourage the scientific community to organize itself to make the most useful use of the upcoming data, with the Corot and Kepler satellites having laid the basis of such an effort. In order to understand the multiplicity of observed configurations, we need to develop state-of-the-art theoretical and numerical models which take into account simultaneously magnetic, tides and radiation interactions between the host star(s) and their surrounding planet(s) as well as their internal and structural evolution. Interactions between the star-planet system and its interstellar environment at various phases of star evolution will also be discussed.

Likewise defining with more accuracy what could be considered as the habitable zones of stars of various spectral type and the possibility to even have super-habitable worlds is timely. This is the main goal of the Star-Planet Interactions and the Habitable Zone Workshop. The workshop will focus on the latest developments obtained with high performance numerical simulations and on the modelling of the underlying physical processes to improve our knowledge and understanding of star-planet systems as well as their direct comparison with ground-based and space-born observations. The workshop will gather known experts from all over the world in a a format favouring exchange and cross-fertilization by giving ample of time to discussion.

The workshop will be organized following 4 sessions, one devoted to MHD interactions, one on Tidal effects, one on the evolution of stars and planets (atmosphere, rotation, structure) and the fourth one on the first attempts to couple all of these processes together. All sessions will discuss the impacts of these various effects/physical processes on habitability and on the condition of the emergence of life.


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4-day workshop on the third week of November 2014 (18th to 21st) in Saclay, near Paris, France.

For those colleagues coming from outside the Paris area and from abroad we have secured some funding to cover part of your expences as needed (please contact us if you require travel support).

No registrations fees and free lunches and coffee breaks will be provided.


Co-organisers of the SPI & Habitable Zone workshop

A.S. Brun, C. Leponcin-Lafitte, S. Mathis, V. Minier



Preliminary Program (25 + 5 min talks)

Day 1 - Tidal effects and Habitability

Day 2 - Magnetic interactions and Habitability

Day 3 – Stellar and Planetary Evolution and  Habitabiliy

Day 4  - Coupled approach magnetism, tides and evolutionary effects and Habitability                                                                         



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