Résumé du preprint DAPNIA/STCM/99-04

Approximate solution for transient heat transfer in static turbulent He II
B. Baudouy
Abstract :
Analytical solution in one dimension of the heat diffusion equation in static turbulent
superfluid helium (He II) is proposed by mean of integral method. Although this is an
approximate method, it has proven that it gives solutions with fairly good accuracy in non-linear
fluid dynamics and heat transfer, especially in boundary layer theory. This analytical
method is adequate for this class of equations because of its capability of solving non-linear
problems and it proposes also a simpler alternative method to numerical calculation. To
present the method and compare its accuracy, a simple case solution is compared with the
exact solution and experimental data. A more general solution, taking account of the
temperature dependence of the thermodynamic properties is also proposed.


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