Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-01-03

Two transparent optical sensors for the positioning of detectors using a reference laser beam
J.-Ch.Barriere, H.Blumenfeld, M.Bourdinaud, O.Cloue, C.Guyot, F.Molinie, P.Ponsot, J-C.Saudemont, J.-P.Schuller, Ph.Schune
We have developed two different optical systems 
in order to position detectors with respect to a 
reference laser beam. The first system, a 
telescope, permits the absolute positioning of 
an element with respect to a reference laser beam.
 The resolution is of the order of 10 microns in 
translation and 50 micro-rad in rotation. It is 
highly transparent (~90%) permitting several 
elements to be aligned. A calibration procedure 
has also been studied and is currently being 
tested in order to obtain an absolute alignment 
information. The second system is a highly 
transparent (95%) two dimensional position sensor
 which allows the accurate positioning (below 
20 microns) of several (up to ten) elements to 
which each sensor is attached, transversally to 
a laser beam used as a reference straight line. 
The present useful area of the first sensor is 
20x20 mm2 and is 15x15 mm2 for the second. In both
 case it can be further increased to meet the 
experiment's requirement.


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