Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-01-11

Dark Matter search in the EDELWEISS Experiment using a 320 g Ionization-Heat Ge-Detector
X-F. Navick, A. Benoit, L. Bergé, A. Broniatowski, B. Chambon, M. Chapellier, G. Chardin, P. Charvin, M. De Jésus, D. Drain, L. Dumoulin, J. Gascon, G. Gerbier, C. Goldbach, M. Goyot, M. Gros, J-P. Hadjout, S. Hervé, A. Juillard, A. de Lesquen, M. Loidl, J. Mallet, S. Marnieros, O. Martineau, N. Mirabolfathi, L. Mosca, G. Nollez, P. Pari, L. Schoeffel, M. Stern, L. Vagneron
Abstract :
 The EDELWEISS collaboration has performed a direct search for WIMPs using a
320g ionization-heat Ge -cryogenic detector operated in a low-background environment in the
Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane. No nuclear recoils events are observed in the fiducial volume
in the 30-200 keV energy range during an effective exposure of 4.53 kg.days. A limit on the
cross-section of the WIMP-proton spin-independent interaction as a function of the WIMP mass
is deduced. The central value of the signal reported by the DAMA experiment is excluded at
90% CL.


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