Résumé du preprint DAPNIA/STCM/01-06

Void Fraction Measurement in Two-Phase Helium Flow With Electron Energy Attenuation Detector
Ph. Brédy, L. Augyrond, P. Ageron, H. Blumenfeld, J.C. Lugol
We have developed a specific thermal conductivity measurement facility for solid
materials at low temperature (LHe and LN2). At present, the Measurement of Thermal
Conductivity of Insulators (MECTI) facility performs measurements on epoxy resin,
as well as on bulk materials such as aluminium alloy and on insulators developed 
at Saclay. Thermal conductivity measurements on pre-impregnated fiber-glass epoxy
composite are presented in the temperature range of 4.2 K to 14 K for different
thicknesses in order to extract the thermal boundary resistance. We also present
results obtained on four different bonding glues (Stycast 2850FT, Poxycomet F,
DP190, Eccobond 285) in the temperature range of 4.2 K to 10K.


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