Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-01-13

Ytterbium based scintillators, a new class of inorganic scintillators for solar neutrino spectroscopy
R. Chipaux, M. Cribier, C. Dujardin, N. Garnier, N. Guerassimova, J. Mallet, J.-P. Meyer, C. Pédrini, A.G. Petrosyan
The observed deficit of the solar neutrino flux 
is now well established. This puzzling problem 
of today's particle physics could be soon 
understood. The most likely explanation would be 
the vacuum neutrino oscillation phenomenon, 
indirectly proving the non-zero mass of these 
fleeting particles.

Following the proposition of R.S. Raghavan of 
using (176)Yb as a target for low energy solar 
neutrino spectroscopy, an intense R&D work has 
started a few years ago to define a suitable 
scintillator incorporating a large amount of 
ytterbium. Recently, the observation of UV 
scintillation in mixed yttrium/ytterbium 
aluminium garnets opened the field of 
investigation to a new class of scintillating 
crystals with interesting luminescence 
properties, very attractive not only for 
neutrino physics but for radiation detection in 
general. Their luminescence properties present 
some peculiarities that make them interesting by 


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