Résumé du preprint DAPNIA/STCM/96-02

Steady-state heat transfer in He II through porous superconducting cable insulation.
B. Baudouy, F.P. Juster, C. Meuris, L. Vieillard , M.X. Francois
The LHC program includes the study of thermal behavior of the superconducting cables
wound in the dipole magnet cooled by superfluid helium (He II). Insulation of these
superconducting cables forms the major thermal shield hindering the He II cooling. This is
particularly a problem in magnets which are subjected to thermal loads. To investigate He II
heat transfer processes an experimental model has been realized which creates a one-dimensional
heat transfer in such media. Insulation is generally realized by wrapping around
the superconducting cable a combination of different kind of Kapton tapes, fiber-glass
impregnated by epoxy resin or Kevlar fiber tapes. Steady-state heat transfer in He II
through these multi-layer porous slabs has been analyzed. Experimental results for a range
of heat flux show the existence of different thermal regimes related to He II. It is shown that
the parameters of importance are a global geometrical factor which could be considered as
an equivalent "permeability" related to He II heat transfer, the transfer function (T) of He
II and the thermal conductivity of the slab. We present and analyze results for different
insulations as a function of the temperature.


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