Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-01-16

Production Readiness Review of the ALICE Stations 3-4-5
M.Arba, A.Baldisseri, S.Basciu, H.Borel, H.Carduner, C.Cicalo, P.Courtat, J.P.Cussonneau, A.DeFalco, P.DeGirolamo, M.Dialinas, C.Diarra, P.Hardy, D.Jourde, J.C.Lugol, L.Luquin, M.Macciotta, D.Marras, J.M.Martin, A.Masoni, V.Nikouline, F.Orsini, S.Panebianco, Y.Penichot, G.Puddu, L.Rigalleau, S.Salasca, V.Samsonov, S.Serci, E.Siddi, G.Usai, L.Tocco, M.Tuveri, S.Volkov, A.Vorobiev
The design of the Stations 3-4-5 of the Dimuon Forward Spectrometer is presented. An important part is devoted to the slat mechanical structure, printed circuit boards (PCB)and to the test beam results. The related electronics, the supporting structure, the cooling and the integration issues are also discussed. The planning, the task sharing and the cost of the project are also reviewed.


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