Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-99-06

Online Track Reconstruction and Level 2 Triggering in NA48
S. Anvar, J. Cogan, P. Debu, A. Formica, H. Le Provost, I. Mandjavidze, M. Mur, S. Schanne, B. Vallage
Abstract :

The level 2 trigger on charged particles (L2C) of the NA48
experiment features powerful capabilities for implementing
complex triggering algorithms in real-time software. These
algorithms may involve track reconstruction, vertex, invariant
mass or transverse momentum computation, etc. After a brief
outline of the L2C architecture, this paper describes the salient
features of the I/O and processing capabilities of the event
processor farm, with examples of algorithms that have been
effectively implemented within the strong timing constraints
of the NA48 level 2 trigger architecture. It concludes with the
upgrade possibilities of the system and the possible use of it in
other environments with minor changes.


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