Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-00-03

Spatial Resolution in Micromegas detectors
A. Bay, J. Derré, F. Ronga, Y. Giomataris, J.-P. Perroud, H. Zaccone
Abstract :

The performance of a telescope of Micromegas detectors has been studied in a pion beam
at the CERN PS. With a gas filling of CF4 and 20% isobutane and with a strip pitch of 100 mm an accuracy of 14  3 microns on the
spatial resolution has been measured at normal incidence. A simulation demonstrates that
the resolution is limited by the size of the holes of the mesh of the detector and could
be reduced to 11 microns  in the same conditions with smaller holes.
Even further improvement down to 8.5 microns is feasible for the
same gas with an optimized 75 microns strip pitch.


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