Résumé du preprint DAPNIA/SED/00-01

New developments of Micromegas detector
A. Delbart, R. De Oliveira, J. Derré, Y. Giomataris, F.Jeanneau, Y.Papadopoulos, Ph. Rebourgeard
Abstract :
A new type of micromesh, based on etching techniques, has been developed for the 
Micromegas detector. In this paper, we will briefly describe this new  design 
and give some results about the performances  obtained in different gas 
mixtures. The geometry of the mesh allows good uniformity of the  electrostatic 
field. An energy resolution of 11.7 \% (FWHM) is obtained  with  X-rays at 5,9 
keV  and  5.4 \% at 22 keV in a Argon/Isobutane  (90\%/10\%) gas mixture. This 
is a significant improvement  for a gaseous detector operating at high gain 
(about 5000).


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