Résumé du preprint DAPNIA/SED/00-02

MICROMEGAS as a neutron beam profiler
I. Papadopoulos, S. Andriamonje, D. Cano-Ott, A. Delbart, J. Derre, S. Diez, I. Giomataris, E.M. Gonzalez-Romero, F. Jeanneau, D. Karamanis, A. Lepretre, P. Pavlopoulos, D. Villamarin
Two MICROMEGAS detectors, equipped with solid neutron converters,
were tested on a neutron beam.
The detectors have a 3 mm drift gap, a 100 $\mu$m amplification gap
and a strip pitch of 317.5 $\mu$m. The filling gas mixtures used
for this test were argon/isobutane (90:10 and 98:2) and pure CF$_4$.
We present preliminary results of the operation of the detectors.


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