Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-307

Diffractive $\chi$ Production at the Tevatron and the LHC
M. Rangel, C. Royon, G. Alves, J. Barreto, R. Peschanski
We present predictions for the diffractive production of $\\chi$ mesons in the 
central rapidity region usually covered by collider detectors. The predicted
cross sections are based on the Bialas-Landshoff formalism for both exclusive 
inclusive production and makes use of the 
DPEMC Monte-Carlo simulation adapted with kinematics appropriate for small-mass 
diffractive production. We compare generator-level results with a CDF 
measurement for exclusive $\\chi$ production, and study background and other 
including the contribution 
of inclusive $\\chi$ production.  The results agree with  the Tevatron data 
and are extrapolated, highlighting the exclusive $\\chic$ production 
at LHC energies. A possible new measurement at the Tevatron using the D\\O\\ 
forward detectors is investigated, taking advantage of  the dominance of 
exclusive production for high enough diffractive mass fraction.


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