Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-02-95

Measuring the Weak Phase $\gamma$ in Color Allowed $B\rightarrow DK\pi$ Decays
R. Aleksan, T. Petersen, A. Soffer
We present a method to measure the weak phase $\\gamma$ in the
three-body decay of charged $B^\\pm$ mesons to the final states
$DK^\\pm\\pi^0$.  These decays are mediated by interfering amplitudes which
are color-allowed and hence relatively large. As a result, large CP
violation effects that could be observed with high statistical
significance are possible. In addition, the three-body decay helps
resolve discrete ambiguities that are usually present in measurements
of the weak phase. The experimental implications of conducting these
measurements with three-body decays are discussed, and the sensitivity
of the method is evaluated using a simulation.


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