Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-12

Validation tests of the slats positioning system with photogrammetric measurements
M. Anfreville, A. Baldisseri, H. Borel, D. Desforge, E. Dumonteil, P. de Girolamo, J. Gosset, P. Hardy, F. Orsini, Y. Penichot, F. Staley
The slats of Stations 3-4-5 of the ALICE Dimuon Arm need to be localized in the three directions with a very 
good precision (x, y ~ 50 microns, z ~ 100 microns). It could be useful to apply some angular corrections in
 the slat positioning and a special mechanical device has been designed and realized for that. It allows small 
adjustments of each slat from 0.1 mm to 2 mm in each direction. 
This document presents the slats positioning system, its mechanical design, its working principle and all the 
tests performed with the system on a mock up of the central part of Station 5. The mechanical validation of 
the positioning system is done at first with a comparator and then with photogrammetric measurements. The 
results are discussed and conclusions on the device efficiency are given.


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