Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-48

Research and Development for the Use of a Micromegas TPC as a Tracker for the Future Linear Collider (rapport de stage "détection" du DEA Champs Particules Matière")
S. Baudrand, N. Kerschen
Different end-plates of a time projection chamber (TPC) are being tested to determine the best possible 
configuration for the tracker of the detection part of an electron-positron linear collider. 
The labs we visited are working on the research and development for a TPC with a Micromegas end-plate. 
In the following we will begin with the description of this TPC and its advantages, then we will explain 
the Physics of such a detector and finally the different tests that have been done and the ones that are 
planned, like a cosmic test in a high magnetic field. We will insist on the ion feedback, which is a very 
important issue in view of the high beam-background rate at the Linear Collider. 


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