Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-73

Phenomenological discussion of B->PV decays in QCD improved factorization approach
R. Aleksan, P.-F. Giraud, V. Morénas, O. Pène, A. S. Safir
Trying a global fit of the experimental branching ratios and CP-asymmetries of the charmless B->PV decays 
according to QCD factorization, we find it impossible to reach a satisfactory agreement, the confidence 
level of the best fit is smaller than .1%. This failure reflects the difficulty to accommodate several 
large experimental branching ratios of the strange channels. Furthermore, experiment was not able to
 exclude a large direct CP asymmetry in B0bar->rho+pi-, which is predicted very small by QCD factorization.
 Proposing a fit with QCD factorization complemented by a charming-penguin inspired model we reach a best
 fit which is not excluded by experiment (CL of about 8%) but is not fully convincing. These negative results 
must be tempered by the remark that some of the experimental data user are recent and might still evolve


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