Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-76

PC Based Control System of a calibration bench for the ATLAS experiment
V. Gautard, O. Cloue
ATLAS is a particle detector which will be built in the CERN at Geneva. The muon detection system is made up among other things, of 600 chambers measuring 2 to 6 m2 and 30 cm of thick. The chambersposition must to be known with an accuracy of +/- 30 m for translations and +/-100 rad for rotations in a range of +/- 5mm for translations and +/-5mrad for rotations. To do that, we have designed an optical sensor based on image analysis of a coded mask.
Because the accuracy is very high and the number of sensors is significant (over 1000), we had to develop a bench. This bench has to be able to acquire some physical signals like position, temperature and images, to drive a controller used for the displacements of the stepping motors, to analyse, calculate and store the calibration parameters in a data base.
To do that, we have decided that the control system use a PC, Windows 98 and Visual C++. This paper will describe the software of the whole bench.


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